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My Law Practice

Practicing law since 1991, I provide entrepreneurial legal services to business clients.

What do I mean by "entrepreneurial legal services"? Well, it depends on a client's specific situation and needs.

Generally, by addressing, handling, and resolving business issues that involve legal aspects, entrepreneurial legal services help my clients:

  • Start, grow, and build business ventures that are successful, durable, and rewarding;

  • Boost the ability not only to compete as a business but also to develop high-quality business relationships, and

  • Meet business objectives, increase return on investment and assets, and increase the bottom line.

Projects for which clients engage me range from quick assignments involving, for example, a particular contract or a single trademark, over sophisticated corporate matters, commercial transactions, or intellectual property reviews, to ongoing counseling and mentoring on a retainer basis.

"Arnold Winter ... can help entrepreneurs evaluate their legal needs and costs before huge fees are spent on law firms that are impersonal except toward their multinational corporate clients."

--James Chan, President, Asia Marketing & Management.

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Though I am based in Media, Pennsylvania, USA, a suburb of Philadelphia and the county seat of Delaware County, the scope of my law practice is national (and even international, as I'm fluent in German).

Areas on which I focus include:

  • Intellectual property (including trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets)

  • Technology commercialization; computer and software law (including software licensing); Internet, e-business, and e-commerce law

  • General corporate, commercial, and business matters; commercial real estate.

Additional areas in which other attorneys at my law firm are highly experienced include:

  • Patents (including patentability reviews and the domestic and international registration and maintenance of patents)

  • Counterfeit goods protection

  • Litigation and dispute resolution


My clients include:

  • Individual entrepreneurs, business owners and executive, small businesses, start-up and early-stage companies, and growth enterprises;

  • Manufacturers and users of technology products and services; software licensors and licensees; manufacturers and distributors in various industries; biotechnology companies;

  • Professional service providers (including other attorneys and law firms, accountants, and marketing specialists) with whom I collaborate in providing services to their own clients;

  • Angel and institutional business investors; commercial lenders and borrowers;

  • Artists and authors.

The Firm

Since 2002, I have been practicing law as a partner in Lipton, Weinberger & Husick, an intellectual property and technology law firm with offices in Delaware and Chester counties, Pennsylvania, near the Greater Philadelphia region's high-tech industries.


My three partners, Robert S. "Treb" Lipton, Laurence A. Weinberger, and Lawrence A. Husick, are highly experienced registered patent attorneys trained in various technical fields and with extensive credentials as scientists and engineers preceding their admission to the Patent Bar.

An extensive network of professional contacts and resources, including personal contacts, and affiliations with various regional and national industry and trade organizations, supplements my firm's and my own professional resources.

For additional information on Lipton, Weinberger & Husick, please click this link to visit the firm's main web site. 

To arrange a free initial consultation, please call me at 610-891-6910.

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